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Rachel [userpic]


May 25th, 2013 (11:35 pm)

Disney (and not Disney) songs sung in the language of the country the film is set in!


i. hellfire (the hunchback of notre dame) - french
ii. once upon a december (anastasia) - russian
iii. a whole new world (aladdin) - arabic
iv. bare necessities (the jungle book) - hindi
v. i see the light (tangled) - german
vi. can you feel the love tonight? (the lion king) - zulu
vii. i’ve got no strings (pinocchio) - italian
viii. i won’t say i’m in love (hercules) - greek
ix. it’s tough to be a god (the road to el dorado) - spanish
x. under the sea (the little mermaid) - danish
xi. i’ll make a man out of you (mulan) - mandarin
xii. when you believe (the prince of egypt) - hebrew

(And Shang's singing/speaking voice actor in Mandarin is Jackie Chan.  I think we got the better deal with Donny Osmund singing...)

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May 22nd, 2013 (09:56 am)

Jay Laga'aia wished me a happy birthday on my facebook.

I'm allowed to flail/squee a bit, right? 

Rachel [userpic]

More Who musing.

February 27th, 2013 (11:35 pm)

I forgot how many good lines this show has.

I'm bouncing back and forth between watching the original Who and rewatching NewWho.

Original Who is fascinating.  I just finished up the 2nd "episode" (how do you even label these?  I'm technically about to start episode 3, but it's actually episode 12, especially because episode 2 was 7 parts) and I'm more fascinated at how pretty much useless the Doctor is.  Ian's the entire brains of the operation, I like Barbara well enough, and Susan, our beloved Doctor's granddaughter, bugs the crap out of me.  I remember reading somewhere how William Hartnell and Matt Smith are playing like complete opposite characters: Hartnell's Doctor is outwardly an old man who inside is pretty much a petulant child sometimes, while Matt Smith is outwardly a young man who inside is just a worn old man.

I just finished up the episode(s) of "The Daleks" and it was pretty fascinating getting some history of Skaro and also watching the Doctor's first introduction to the Daleks.

Theeeeen I bounced back to my rewatch and started our journey with Martha Jones again.  I just rewatched The Shakespeare Code, and there were some lines that I completely missed the first time around.

Like Shakespeare flirting with the Doctor.  

Doctor: Come on!  We can have a good flirt later!
Shakespeare: Is that a promise, Doctor?
Doctor: ...Oh, fifty-seven academics just punched the air.

Granted, most of it is just David's excellent deliveries of these lines, but man, they're great.

And how did I totally miss that Martha uses Expelliarmus??

PLUS I actually caught last episode Martha mentioning "Mr. Saxon."  Damn you writers and your great tie-ins.

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Rewatching Doctor Who. Already.

February 6th, 2013 (10:46 pm)

I got through season 3 of Torchwood before my heart was too broken to finish the series.  I want to watch original Who, and I still have yet to see the Sarah Jane Adventures, but I felt like I needed to rewatch Who ago.  So, I started last night and plan to rewatch at least 9 & 10's run. 

I've gotten through the first two discs of 9 already, and this time I'm a) noticing SO much more, and b) picking out my favorite episodes/moments. 

That being said, I'm pretty sure the episode "Dalek" is going to remain in my top favorites. 

This episode made me cry so much harder this time than last time.  It's a fantastic character piece for the Doctor; his entire interaction with the Dalek is just heartbreaking and amazing

Especially this part:


The Doctor's face after the Dalek says "you would be a good Dalek" is just heartbreaking.  I've gotten so used to the teddy bears of 10 and 11 that I really forget just how angry and raw 9 was.  I wish I could find a video clip of the Doctor and the Dalek in the cell.  Oh god, the feels.  Talking about the war and how both races are now gone. 

Then there's the fact that this episode makes you feel just so heartbroken over a dalek

Rachel [userpic]

Les Miserables Film Review!!

December 18th, 2012 (10:56 pm)

So I just got home from an advanced screening of Les Miserables. 

I'm going to put it under a cut just in case. 

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Tonight's fun realization

November 20th, 2012 (11:55 pm)

Sneak Preview of Anna Karenina tonight. 

I was rather shocked that one of our main characters was this guy. 

Who I thought was this guy. 

And spent the entire movie being so proud that he had finally gotten such an amazing serious role to show that he really is a good actor and that this hopefully meant we'd be seeing a lot more of him in the future!

And then the credits rolled and made me realize that this guy:

Was in fact THIS GUY:

And meanwhile, this guy:

Is still unfortunately only going to be remembered for Twilight and the M. Night Avatar trainwreck.  :(

Rachel [userpic]

Random Lists for the night: the Best and Worst of Disney Romance.

October 20th, 2012 (02:06 am)

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So last year I did a list of my Top 21 Disney Princes/Men with the Most Cojones.   Inspired by watching a bit of Cinderella tonight with my goddaughter, I realized that while Disney is know for it's "classic films and classic romances," most of their romances actually suck really bad.  So, we're going to do my list of The Best and the Worst Disney and Pixar Romances. 

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Damn you, Nocturnal Myopia

October 18th, 2012 (10:15 am)

Nocturnal Myopia: At the moment the cause of night myopia (nocturnal myopia) is not entirely known. It is caused to some degree by spherical aberration (due to wide pupil in the dark environment), chromatic aberration (due to large share of short-wave blue green part of the spectrum at dusk) and mental causes - excessive accommodation to compensate for blurry vision.

The main cause of nocturnal myopia inheres probably in accommodation and in accommodated rest position. It was proofed that in rest position accommodation is not set on the point at the distance but on the position between near and far. In average it is the distance from 1 to 2 meters. Rest accommodation dawns when the visual field is without any stimulus, thus during nighttime or in empty space.

In other words, the substance of night myopia is that during nighttime the human eye reacts to the lack of light by dilating its pupil and by slightly moving the focal point before the point of the sharpest vision. Thus the so-called “quarter” myopia is formed. This holds true also for a person who does not suffer from any refractive disorder.

Nocturnal myopia not only decreases abilities of people working in some occupations (night watcher, forester, sailor, and driver) but it also plays part as far as the security of traffic is concerned. Low hypermetropic (farsighted) drivers see better at dusk without eyeglasses and on the contrary low myopic (shortsighted) drivers can drive without eyeglasses during daytime but has to use them when driving at dusk when visibility is lowered.

Dazzling caused by a car coming from the opposite direction increases the effect of nocturnal myopia. The reaction of pupils increases accommodation depending on the age and forced urge to fix the lights emitted by the car increases convergence.

AKA Rachel paid all this money for lasik and now has to wear glasses at night for a few more months.

Rachel [userpic]

Rachel would like to prove a point.

October 3rd, 2012 (12:57 am)

Attention anyone who calls themselves a Star Wars fan.

Including anyone nerdy enough to have made Star Wars costumes.  Or worn stormtrooper armor to your graduation. 

I have a simple test I would like to conduct.  It's a whole 2 questions. 

For the sake of the argument, if the topic is STAR WARS:

1) What am I referring to if I say "TPM?" 

2) I have labelled this as a Star Wars tattoo.  What is it? 

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July 16th, 2012 (11:52 am)

I have a Tumblr now.


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