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Kaua'i Ho'omahana (Kaua'i Vacation)

July 12th, 2004 (11:52 am)

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In June, after I graduated from high school, my parents sent my sister and I on a week vacation to the isle of Kaua'i.  We stayed at a beautiful resort and went on some awesome tours. 

These are the only pictures I have so far; our ATV trip.  None of our film is developed yet, but our guide Chris had his digital water-camera, so he took pictures and burned them for us.  It was pouring rain, which made it even better, since it was muddier!!


 - This is me in full gear. They give you all your clothes so a) You don't get your own cloths muddy and b) Kaua'i is covered in Red Dirt. It stains so horribly to the point that it seeped through that blue shirt and stained my bathing suit beneath it.


- My sister. Don't we just look like terrorists ready to blow up Hawaii or something?


- To the left is an abandoned sugar mill, to the right is the office and garages for Kauai ATV. In the background: our lovely rainstorm that followed us.


- This is the entire group that went. We're in the back somewhere.


- Me and Lissa and the Koloa coast behind us. (Koloa, not Koala).


- This is the tunnel. 1/2 a mile long with a singe railroad track in the middle to help you guide where center is.


- Us standing in front of the tunnel.


- The tall as heck trees on top of the tunnel.


- Me and Lissa in front of the tunnel.


- This was the hill of doom. It was twisty, muddy, and horrible to get back up. This is the only flat part. Here's Lissa coming down.


- Lissa on the hill again.


- Me coming down the hill of doom, skidding, and then missing Chris (camera dude) and almost hitting his bike, which is off to the right.


- Me sighing in relief that I didn't hit Chris's bike.


- This is where we ate lunch and swam at. Pretty!


- Lissa and I near the top part of the falls.


- Lissa crossing the "mighty stream."


- Me crossing the "Mighty Stream."


- The caravan, and a nice butt pic of our handsome guide, Dan.


- This was the lake of mud. Very fun. Here's Lissa going through it.


- Lissa's ATV didn't stall.


- Me plowing through the lake of mud. FUN!


- My ATV didn't stall. (One of the other guys on the ATV stalled in the middle).


- This is one of the mud buggies. They won for best splash.


- Lissa when we were done.


- Me when we were done.


- One of Chris's pictures that he threw onto our CD of pictures. All righty: Recognize this place? This is Jurassic Park. We were stuck here for 20 freaking minutes in the pouring, freezing rain because two of the mud buggies weren't working right, so we had to wait for the mechanics. So we stood here and listened to Chris rattle on about this place. Jurassic Park was filmed on Kauai, all 3, I believe. Also, the treeline near the base of the mountain is where Raiders of the Lost Ark was shot, where Indy at the beginning is running out towards the river. (Here's the funny thing. The opening credits are shot on the Na Pali coast, which is on the west part of the island. The running was shot here in Koloa, on the mid-south part. The river is the Wailua river, which is on the east part of the island, and whatever vine they used is somewhere in the middle.) Also, finally, that big mountain in the middle was photoshopped and is the big mountain on Neverland in Hook.


- Another shot of the Jurassic Park place. It was NOT this sunny when we went!

As soon as I get our film developed, more will go up!


Posted by: Devi ( ravenclaw_devi)
Posted at: July 16th, 2004 06:27 am (UTC)

Hey Mi! Can't believe it took me that long to friend you...

*enjoys the vacation pics*

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